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CHAT: NF accent WAS:Re: CHAT: Newfs

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Thursday, May 16, 2002, 17:31
I was watching the NCAA tournament this year (c'mon, I
live in Bloomington, Indiana--it was unavoidable this
year!), and they did their obligatory human-interest
stories.  One was on a player for Hawaii who, IIRC,
was from NF.  He had quite the tale, as he came from
this tiny farmtown, his family died in a car wreck
when he was a child, etc.  I remember well the
accent--it seemed like a kind of skewed Irish or
Welsh, maybe.  I had never heard anything like it.
Did anyone else watch the same program, or can confirm
what I heard otherwise?  Other than what Stephen said
of his own origins, and knowing it's rural and an
island, I couldn't account for such a distinct accent.

Amesika meha (Thank you--yes, I'm still managing to
remember some Kayasanoda phrases despite my break from

--- Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...> wrote:
> --- In conlang@y..., John Cowan <jcowan@R...> wrote: > > Stephen DeGrace scripsit: > > > > > It's just "boy", sound shifted to something like > > > /baj/. > > > > I suspect this is not a sound change, but a lack > of > sound change. > > /aI/ is the historic pronunciation of "oi, oy" in > English until > > the 19th century or so: even in Mark Twain we find > spellings like > > "jine" and "bile" for "join" and "boil", showing > that /OI/ or the > > like had become standard, but /aI/ remained in > certain dialects. > > NF was settled early and is an island, making it > likely that the > > 18th-century (and earlier) form was preserved > there. > > Actually, that's probably so, NF is famous for > archaicisms. My grandfather, for example, says /hus/ > for "house" and /se:/ for "sea" :). Approximately. > Anyway, stuff varies quite a lot across the island, > but it's all interesting to listen to. > > Stephen > >
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