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Re: YAEPT: Characterising English /l/s (was: Re: Alborgian/ Borgi)

From:Ph. D. <phil@...>
Date:Saturday, May 31, 2008, 0:30
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> I have never really been able to perceive the > difference in my own speech or in that of most > other Americans. However, there are some > people who have a very "dark"-sounding /l/, > which actually sounds like me more like a velar > approximant; whether it's lateral or central I'm > not sure. Tom Brokaw is the best example I > can think of, and I think fellow newsman > Robert Bezell too maybe.
In school, I had some classmates whose surname was "Girbach." They pronounced it as if it were spelled "Girball." I don't know how common this is. --Ph. D.