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Re: Who SPOKE Classical Latin in Rome?

From:Artem Kouzminykh <ural_liz@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 8:00
> > You see, I'd like to make them the ancestors of my Romula conlang >speakers, > > to explain why Romula is so close to Classical (not Vulgar) Latin in > > vocabulary, so archaic. > >Well, that depends on where Romula is located. Certain Romance languages, >like Sardinian, managed not to undergo the palatalization of Classical /k/ >to >/tS/ like most (all?) other Romance dialects. If the people speaking >Romula >are highly isolated (like those on Sardinia were), they might not undergo >changes >that were prevalent elsewhere in the Latin-speaking world.
Pania, the origianl country from where Romulaphones are originated (not Romula, Romula is just a name of the language) is indeed an isolated territory, consisting from a several rather big islands in the Biscayan Gulf of the Atlantic ocean (not sure in the English spelling if this gulf... Biscaya?). The panians could live there relatively isolated from other (Roamnce-speaking) world untill 8-11 centuaries I believe (beginning from 1-4 centuries AD). So they could easily preserve many features of Vulgar (not Classical, now I see it) Latin of 1-4 centuries AD, which dissapeared in other Romance langs, I suppose. The archaism of Romula can easily be explain by this reason. Artem ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at