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Re: Coming out & finding-the-community stories?

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 4:37
Sai Emrys wrote:
> Tell us about: > * how you 'came out' as a conlanger in any context (academic, social, > parents, ...), their reactions to it, etc > > * how you found out that others do this (i.e. all of us weirdos) & > your reactions to that. > > Consider this an open prompt; I just want to hear your stories about > the social side of this craft. > > - Sai
I actually gave a little demonstration of my language (there was only one back then, Olaetian) to my 8th grade English class. I don't remember much about it or the reaction to it. I wrote a few words on the blackboard. I never really considered my conlanging something that I needed to hide, but I rarely got asked about it. One occasion was when I included samples of some of my languages in a daily journal I wrote for a class in my freshman year at college -- my professor had some interest in the languages and I showed her some of my dictionaries. And then years later Richard Garriott had the idea for an alphabet for the Gargoyles in Ultima VI, and I thought it would be cool to develop a whole language for them. As far as "all of us weirdos", this list was quite a different place in the days when I ran across it, before the Auxlang list split off. Most of the talk was about auxlangs, but there were already a few artlangers here. I don't think I was especially surprised to find this place; the Internet as a whole was new to me back then, and I knew there were all sorts of groups with unusual interests.