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pens (Phoneme winnowing continues)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Saturday, June 7, 2003, 15:12
>If you find an older Montblanc (pre 1958 or so) that would be a very >nice gift. You can *never* go wrong with a Pelikan of any vintage. I >check the catalogue at occasionally to see >what's out there (one of these days I might actually get together the money >to buy something :-); the people running the site have a good >reputation and a decent inventory.
Cool. Thanks. Myabe one day I too will have the money to buy something (am jobless now 7 months due to economic reprecussions from 9/11). _________________________________________________________________ Tired of spam? Get advanced junk mail protection with MSN 8.