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Another Inflectional Puzzle

From:Joseph Fatula <joefatula@...>
Date:Sunday, August 12, 2007, 21:16
Last time we looked at how nouns change from agent sg. to patient sg.
This time, we'll look at the same set of nouns, but changing from
singular to plural (staying in the agent case).

All of these changes are entirely regular and predictable.

Examples (singular, then plural)
   maruwi > pizini
   kiru > ampazi
   antiki > yimpa
   yunta > alzigi
   talzu > bazhu
   nantuva > bizhitu
   piti > mawa
   sazhinu > buntuvi
   miruzhi > mizintu
   shizu > ampuzu
   tazha > bartu
   murta > figa
   kinga > amparpi
   ankari > arkiri

As before, all syllables in this language are phonemically CV.  A word
like "antiki" is really /nti ki/, but with a prothetic [a].  Consonant
clusters like "mp" or "rt" are considered single consonants.

Any guesses as to the plural forms of these words?
   gayara >
   vilzu >
   fana >
   shari >
   rizuwa >
   muzha >

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