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Revised Grammar sketchlang (reposted)

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Thursday, September 30, 2004, 11:51
 sorry about that...sometimes when I copy&paste from the graph-based =
program I use, to the email box, I forget two things:
1) this version of hotmail (right here) is automatically Rich Text =
Format (so it needs to first go through a paste&cut on another word =
document, before being put on email.
2) uh...actually, that was both things, right there.  :)

 ahh...correlatives; okay.

 yes, the "word" column was inspired by Turkish: where one letter in the =
middle of the word, can affirm or negate the action.

 thank you.

>Anyway, this is a stark improvement in explicitness. > Essentially,
then, the pronouns you use reflect the gender of the speaker. So if you're referring to, say, a desert via a pronoun, you know if a woman or man is the one who's speaking simply by virtue of the pronoun they use exactly. (it also helps pin down the gender of the person who wrote the travel = guide you're reading). :)
>So, yes, this is a much better method of presentation.
*takes a breath of relief*
> Though you should
be aware of the fact that only I and a few others will be able to read messages like these. I'm working on that! how's this?: Possible Glossary for a Conlang...=20 a semi-nomadic hunting people=20 (this conlang may eventually merge with C-10, my cheetah language).=20 Pronouns: (note: the 'male'/'female' categories indicate what each = gender says -- a guy would pronouns as above -- only = enviroments/habitats/ecosystems have pronouns as above).=20 | male | female plains | ien | ine mountain | i=F1a | i=F1 scrub | io=F1e | o=F1e desert | ni=F1 | =F1in caves | oe=F1 | oen coast | ayo=F1 | ay=F1 lake | a=F1 | a=F1ea sea | ana | a=F1a=20 (note: not all nouns have pronouns as above -- only = enviroments/habitats/ecosystems have pronouns as above).=20 | Statement | Question | Some/Few | Any | Every | No=20 Person | hi=F1e | hu=F1e (2) | hiskeb | hiskee (4) | hiske | hisk=20 (Adjective) | yane | yune | hiskab | hiskaa | hiska | hisk=20 Quanity | hisi=F1e (3) | hosi=F1e | hiskob | hiskoo (1) | hisko | hisk = (5)=20 (1) =3D two short |o| sounds, not one lone |oo| sound.=20 (2) =3D "someone was here?", "did the person...?" etc.=20 (3) =3D "_this_ many!" etc.=20 (4) =3D "any person [at all]", "pick someone!"=20 (5) =3D "no amount!"=20 Wordlist:=20 | interlinear | nominal | verb landslide | aka-ebe | akayebe | akanebe smooth | oa-eb | oayneb | oaneb {note: when the word ends in a consonant, insert an |n| following the = |y|}.