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Sturnan's sister

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Friday, March 15, 2002, 19:48
Okay, I have the phonology and some of the basic grammar.

p b k g t d P (ph) B (bh) T (th) S (sh) x (h) m n l r R (rr) Z (j) w y
a = A when possible, a otherwise
e = E when possible, e otherwise
u = @
i = I
ee or í = i
o = o
ou or ú = u

Syllables are (C) (C) V (C) (C). Stress is on the penult; I haven't
worked out any exceptions.

The cases are patient, dative, genitive, allative, ablative,
instrumental, vocative, locative, reflexive (that is, copula included),
"atquetive" (and), "infrative" (below), "suprative" (above), and
"propetive" (near), for a total of 13 cases. Five of those (instrumental,
propetive, reflexive, infrative, and suprative) will be gone very
quickly; indeed, four of them are unnecessary now, and the copula will
stretch to take care of the reflexive case.

It's ergative, with a word order of OVS(I). It's also agglutinating.
Verbs have tense prefixes, and suffixes denote person and number. I won't
bore you with specifics here.

Now I must go and burn the rusty wood*.

Chris Wright

*It's actually wood rust, a fungal infection. It burns about as well as
wood -shrugs- so I don't mind it.