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Re: Gzarondan: Spelling Review

From:Muke Tever <hotblack@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 2004, 20:41
On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:32:12 -0400, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...> wrote:
> Ordinarily, you could also use something called UTF-8 to send Unicode > messages, which can be read by more people. However, the software that > runs the mailing list occasionally (and, for all practical purposes, > randomly) mangles UTF-8 characters. I think we ought to perform some kind > of research to find out exactly which characters are mangled in this way, > but here and now is probably not the environment. It has to do with their > underlying bytes containing values 128-160, IIRC, but there's no simple > memorable way to tell which actual characters will be effected.
Any character whose UTF-8 representation contains in hex "A0" (non-breaking space) will be mangled by the listserv, because it will be converted to "20" (regular space). There was another, rarer mangulation, but I didn't figure out what it was. *Muke! -- website: LiveJournal: deviantArt: FrathWiki, a conlang and conculture wiki: