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Re: telugu

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Sunday, June 17, 2001, 17:44
yes its nice for reader to look at it, but it takes long time for the
writer to write it.
again we see the contradictionarry principle: one has to work hard,
either the writer/speaker either the reader/listener.
compromisses stink, conlanging is no politics.
so im considering for my conlang 2 separate scripts.
one script as "briefscript" for everyday usage, which is easy to write.
and one script more beatifull for books, ceremonies,
celebrations, pictures (basically everything which is printed in or
the more baroque script, of course is an extension of the basic
they are similar.
i guess thats a solution which smells pleasant.
i noticed that the eye and the hand likes it when the "form"
of the script is a mixture of "round-lines" and "sharp-lines"
and when the round-ish lines alternate with the sharp-ish lines
you could say now: ok isnt that what our roman script looks like ?
it does but its getting more beatiful when the round-ish lines
build one extreme, and the sharp build the opposite extreme.
its a matter of contrast of both forms.
and our roman scripts look more "grey-ish" than "black-and-white-ish"
when you see the colors "black/white" as analogy of the forms

i hope you get my point..


>>one interesting nice script beside written quenya of tolkien is >>telugu is the native tongue for the people live in the south indian >>state of "andhra Pradesh". >>you can look at the chars here: >>
DT> opFiles/InsertSymbol.gif
>>it can give some inspirations to create an own script. >>regards, >>c.s.
DT> I've seen this script before, but ... ye gods, oh the complexity! Lots of DT> peculiar ascenders and descenders too. DT> Imperative