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Wilkins' philosophical language in the news

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Sunday, June 29, 2003, 21:24
Well, okay, I haven't seen it in the _news_ as such...

On the website promoting SF writer Neal Stephenson's new book, there's
a short message written in Real Character, the famous[1] 18th Century
philosophical language devised by Bishop John Wilkins.

(As the URL suggests, it's a Flash animation, so you may want to skip
it.)  Inside the site, there's a letter from Stephenson which talks in
part about the message, and how and why it was written.

There's a link from that page to one by Todd Garrison, who was the
first person on the web to decipher the message. (There's a still
image on that page, if you skipped the flash but wanted to look at

[1]  Well, _relatively_ famous.  Borges wrote an essay about it, and
it's been mentioned here more than once.


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