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Re: Apology: Re: C'ali update: Split-S cross-referencing, agentive pivot

From:Ian Spackman <ianspackman@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 14:08
>Staving Nikhil Sinha: > >Who is the orginial author?? >> >>Nikhil >><mailto:ianspackman@...>Ian Spackman likis: >>At 13:06 16/07/03, I wrote: >>>At 17:24 30/06/17, you wrote: >>> ^^ >>> >>>Um, why are you writing to us from 14 years in the future? :) >>> >>>Ian >> >>Oops, that was meant for the original sender only. > >Obviously the Doctor.
Dr John Leland, in fact. :) Sorry, I'd emailed him privately (assuming he'd want to set his computer clock), and was trying not to drag this out in the list longer than necessary. Apologies again. Ian