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how many conlangs do you know?

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 16, 2000, 6:15
I generally don't learn conlangs;   either other people's or my own!   Once
my reference grammar and sample texts are completed, I don't write or speak
in my language;   I move on to the next project.   As for other people's
conlangs, I try to comment on them when I can.

Recently, my lover suggested that I make a language I can learn to use;   to
journal with, etc.   I may follow that suggestion, after my next two
reference grammars are done.   My most recent was an attempt to make a
simple yet bizarre language.   A hundred and twelve pages later, it's still
simple, compared to a natlang, but it's not Interlingua.

If I make a language I will learn, it'll have to be simpler than my other
projects.   I've been toying with the idea of inflecting subject nouns and
verbs for relationships between clauses.   e.g.

The bell tolled.   The hangman screamed.


The bell-A tolled-A.   The hangman-A screamed-A.

The bell tolled then the hangman screamed.


The bell-B tolled-B.   The hangman-B screamed-B.

The bell tolled when the hangman screamed.   (or visa versa)

I've also thought of inflecting subjects and verbs for topic vs. focus.   I
thought I'd get something like relative clauses this way.

The man-T was seen-T by me.  (same subject) ran away-T.   (same subject)

The man who was seen by me and who ran away tripped.

I could combine the two systems.   Obviously, these are very preliminary
thoughts, and need lots more work.


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> I'm just curious... how many conlangs do people know here on average, > besides their own? > > I'm been looking over some conlangs and I find that it takes quite a while > to learn a conlang. Maybe I'm just slow... but I wonder how familiar > people are with conlangs that aren't their own. > > > T >