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Re: HELP: Deciding on Prosody?

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Thursday, November 12, 1998, 20:41
As I have revealed in my last post, what is keeping me from further
> developing the Lumanesian languages is the dilemma I have with > deciding the prosody of Lumanesian.
[snip] That's incredible : I had exactly the same dilemma with my own conlangs that had so few phonems. The only solution I found then was to do what natlangs never do : keep the stress on the 1st syllable of the root-word and add a *blank* vowel (for example a schwa) or a anti-stress tone where ambiguity requires so. Otherwise I would never had come out of that issue. And I valued sanity quite much (then... ;-). Your fellow conlanger Mathias ----- See the original message at