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OT: Changing ReplyAttribution in Eudora & Fuzzy Blue Monkeys in Ere:tas (was Re: LOTR)

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Saturday, November 10, 2001, 5:13
Ar 19:24 09/11/01 -0500, bhac David Peterson le scríobh chugam:

>In a message dated 11/9/01 2:41:06 PM, dbell@GRAYWIZARD.NET writes: > ><< > From: Padraic Brown > > > > Am 11.09.01, The Greay Wizard yscrifef: >> > > Oh, hey, I've been wondering: How on Earth do you change this?! I want >my e-mails to say "x wrote" in cool ways! Or did you just type that >manually? I also would love to have one of these endings that everyone seems >to have on their e-mails with things like "The Gray Wizard" and "blue fuzzy >monkies", and whatnot. How does one do that?
I really want my old Linux box back... As far as your name goes, there should be somewhere in your mail clients options dialogue box to change that. As for changing the attribution in AOL's mailer, I can't help you. But even though you're not using Eudora, there might be people on the list who are so I'll tell them how to do it for that client. If you type: x-eudora-option:ReplyAttribution into IE's address line - this doesn't work in any other browser unfortunately - then a dialogue box pops up that allows you to change it. There's two macros in the string. %1 represents the current time and %2 represents the name of the person being replied to. Up until now, my reply attribution was [1] At %1, %2 wrote: e.g. `At 19:24 09/11/01 -0500, David Peterson wrote:', but you could have [2] %2 wrote at %1: or, [3] Meandering over to the keyboard, %2 composed: or, [4] At %1, somebody bothered to send me this: Agus i mo Ghaeilge ró-leithleachasach(!), [1] Ar %1, scríobh %2: [2] Scríobh %2 ar %1: [3] Bhí %2 ag caisirneach go riomhaire, agus scríobh (sé/sí/siad? Ach!): [4] Ar %1, bhac duine le scríobh chugam: El Erëtas läa, [1] %1 to %2 fenässan ëlloda: [2] %2 %1 to fenässan ëlloda: [3] %2 %1 to ttadorellös nahlo kasë'l fenässan dë: [4] %1 to äsö fenässana to oä to karettöan dë: Sorry, I couldn't help but put in the translated versions ;-) Oh, and `Fuzzy Blue Monkeys' is written as `Hlässöbonakkäa Jonäjë' in Erëtas. It's pronounced (in CONLANG-SAMPA) as /Ke:s:u:bo:n&k:e:&Zo:ne:Zi:/. Yup, I know there's a lot of long sounds in there, but the length of the sounds is relative - the short ones are enunciated rather quickly. Here's the breakdown of the phrase Hlässö-monakkä-a Jonäje-ë blueness-monkey-PL. fuzziness-ADJ. The `b' comes from a mutation caused by compounding. Nasals become stops, stops become fricatives and fricatives stay fricatives. Sound familiar..? Not quite the same as lenition in Irish, but along the same lines. I'm trying to expand on the mutation-on-compounding that appears elsewhere in the language, notably with articles. Have fun! K. -- Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...> I can decide what I give / But it's not up to me / What I get given -=Bjork=-