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French and US high school language instruction (was: Re: Optimum number of symbols)

From:nicole perrin <nicole_eap@...>
Date:Saturday, May 25, 2002, 21:29
Christophe wrote:

Kendra wrote:

>> I wish my teacher corrected pronunciaton. There're >>people in my class STILL saying "ill est trace bow," and >>it makes it hard for me to have any clue. > > >I'm under the impression that it's one of the consequences >of the view of Americans towards foreign languages: "they >will speak English to us anyway, so why bother learning >their languages?" At least I thought teachers would fight >this point of view, but I see it's not the case :(( .
Unfortunately, in my experience the teachers often *want* to fight this point of view but realize it is worse than futile -- I knew of many teachers of foreign languages in high school who purposely made their classes as easy as possible, even if it sacrificed fluency, because if students thought the courses were too difficult they would simply stop taking them (as they are seldom required) and then eventually when student interest was low enough no classes would be offered anymore. Also, even when the teachers do attempt to fight practices like the one Kendra cites (oh so prevalent this one, I might add) a lot of students simply disregard any pronunciation corrections because they couldn't care less about really learning the language and figure everyone understands English anyway (not true, even as near to the US as Quebec, but for some reason Americans rarely seem to grasp this). Sorry for the somewhat-rant, but seven years of middle school & high school French plus four of German have left their mark on me... nicole, hereby proving that Kendra is not the only female on the list but agreeing that there are *way* more guys __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! - Official partner of 2002 FIFA World Cup


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