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Input wanted.

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 13, 1998, 23:46
As everyone knows,  I am working with RLR/Speedwords. One of the
facts brought out often is that, even though Speedwords is quicker,
but with the computer a space still requires "effort" since that
means one has to hit the Space bar for each space between the
shortened Speedwords.

Since Speedwords can be used in several ways to increase speed, the
question comes up, for typing purposes only [mainly for internet
email use, perhaps] how can we make it faster without making it into
something it is not. I have experimented with several things and
would like to get your input on one idea at a time. Remember, at this
stage I do not want to change Speedwords. Just make it more

For strictly individual use many people have added "shorthand"
techniques to it for faster personal writing. But, others cannot read
these shorthand additions. For international use, can we make it
faster basically as is? Possibly. Here is one possibility. How does
it strike you?

"Rule: Every letter capitalized should be read as a separate word.
Every set of letters that begins with a capital is read as a single
word." [In fast notetaking for personal use capitals are used a bit


English: The dictionary is in the mail as of just a few minuets ago.
(46 letters plus period/stop. or 58  with spaces plus p/s)

Speedwords: L bumot e i l lec z d js u fu miu pas.(25 plus p/s) (37 m

No Space Speedwords: LBumotEILLecZDJsUFuMiuPas. (25 plus p/s))

Of course, Dutton shows others ways to increase speed through
contractions and phrasings, but one step at a time.

Al l sue, & ha amue,
Bob, x+