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YAEPT: [D]/[T] (< Sibilants)

From:Dana Nutter <li_sasxsek@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 18:43
> [] On Behalf Of ROGER MILLS
> >"We investigated 28 native Californian college students and
28 British
> >university students and staff… Nearly 90% of the
Californian speakers
> >produced θ … with the tip of the tongue protruded between
the teeth…
> >Only 10% of the British speakers made the sound this way; 90%
of them
> >used an articulation with the tip of the tongue behind the
upper front
> >teeth." > > > >J. C. Catford, who worked in Michegan, only described the
> >articulation, so the interdental may be a Western thing. Any
> >from the US? > > > >My speech is British (RP), but I'm one of the 10% with the
> > And I (native midwestern US) am with the 90% of Brits (behind
the front
> teeth). The only time I saw anyone protrude their tongue, was
with a friend
> (Native New Hampshirite) at school, but he was emphasizing a
word for his
> deaf father........
Interdental here. SoCal native, which puts me in with the 90%, meaning I have to work a littel to get the Spanish variety which is behind the upper teeth.