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Re: Phonetic scripts and diphthongs ...

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 2004, 19:48
Quoting Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>:

> Similarly, I suspect the OE 'soft c', which we conventionally, pronounce > as /tS/, was in fact pronounced in the various ways that |k| before front > vowels is pronounce in the Scandinavian langs which, I believe, varies > between [C], [tC] and similar sounds. It would've been the adoption of > Norman French words with /tS/ that helped fix the pronunciation (with the > respelling |ch| instead of just plain |c|).
Amusingly, that '|k| before front vowels' is, in my 'lect of Swedish, [S]. The commonest version, in Swedish, is, I'm left to understand, [s\], while [C] (and [cC]) are now quite rare. (Needless to say, I find it perfectly plausible that OE 'soft c' might have been [tS], at least in some varieties.) Andreas