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Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, March 7, 2005, 18:59

Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...> writes:
> Arthaey Angosii isnerq: > > Emaelivpeith Benct Philip Jonsson: > > > >>(I don't know how you pronounce your nick, > >>but Arsaey Angosaey would be wellformed > >>albeit meaningless Sohlob. You are not > >>as fortunate as Sarah whose name is > >>wellformed as is!) > > > > > > ['Ar\Tej &N'gosi] > > > > I figured that, but any word adopted into Sohlob would still have to > be adapted to its phonology, restrictive phonotactics and vowel > harmony, and to the rule that no word may end in a vowel (tho they > may end in /j/, /w/ or /h/, which latter has a [?] allophone > phrase-finally. Arsaey Aengosaey [,&rs&j ,&NQ's&j] is actually the > closest match.
There are languages that obfuscate names badly by this, of course. I just love Chinese for it's system... One thing that's typical for my langs is that labials are missing and that /j/, as a palatal, is not always there. Clusters may be very restricted, too. Just to play the game, examples from Tyl Sjok: - 'Henrik': [hEn=Xik=], - 'Björn': [djEl3n=] oder [gjEl3n=], - 'Arthaey Angosii': [?al=sE ?ENgVsi] -- quite close, I think. :-) Qthyn|gai is worse, as words would get the normal word prefix to them including class etc. Further, they'd get the stem 'name' to indicate a name. Apart from that, only three vowels are available [a i M], only few clusters exist (strange ones), so the basic structure is CV, labials are missing, too, and no palatals, no l/r (only [tK] and [qK]). We get: - 'Henrik': [hAnMXikM] Well... - 'Björn': [gIhMn] This is close to impossible. - 'Arthaey Angosii': [hasai haNgMsi] Well... These is [T], but only in [qT]. **Henrik


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