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A look at Navajo...

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Friday, April 30, 1999, 20:21
I would really like to learn Navajo, since my stepfather speaks it.  I was
just looking at it and it seems almost as if its phonology was *designed* by a
cruel linguistics professor.  To slap the native English speaker in the face,
it has:

1. Ejectives.  t', sh', lh', and so on.

2. Vowel length distinctions.  a isn't aa, and e isn't ee.

3. Vowel tone distinctions.  Short vowels can be high or low, and long vowels
can be high, low, rising, or falling.

4. Vowel nazalization distinctions.

And that's just the *phonology.*  I haven't even got near the grammar or
vocabulary yet.

It'll probably be a fruitful source of conlang ideas if I can push myself
through it though.


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