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Re: Lexicon storage methodology

From:Feaelin Moilar <feaelin@...>
Date:Thursday, September 7, 2006, 16:48
> Ah, I need to read some dictionaries that I can't kidnap from my college > library. Then this web editing would be useful. Adding extended > characters are really easy, see that: > . Take the code, if you (or > anyone else here ; ) ) like.
That'd be handy! Have section on the side of the input screen to enter special characters. So far, I hadn't needed to, since I already had them in excel (cut-n-paste!), but if I went to PHP entirely, presumably I would need a mechanism.
> give up of something, you have to "take of your poney out of the rain", > 'tirar seu cavalinho da chuva'.
There has to be a story there. Not necessarily known, but still. :)
> Well, my fellow lusophones are not much interested in conlanguing. For > them it's just a little odder than studying Latin on College, as I do.
I'm not odd! I think. I did take two semesters of Latin in College. :)
> BTW, do you have a grammar of your conlang? I'm curious now : ).
Yes. and no. A revision of the grammar was intended to follow the phonology revision[1] and not just in the sense that the phonology of the examples were all wrong. I had decided my original approach to both was all wrong (too English-centric, for one thing) and embarked on a quest to rewrite it. Some of the features that were english-ish had to remain as a concession to friends, such as SVO order, even though I briefly flirted with latin-like declensions.:) The phonology got done, and I made it eventually through the dictionary data to fix pronunciation, spelling, etc. But with the grammar, I went as far as sketching out some of the syntax and the like, but hadn't really formalized everything. then I got busy with other things (or distracted by the PHP dictionary), and it more or less sat there. For example, I have a pass at doing Weekly Vocab 1.2 from the _first_ time it was released. With about 8 out of the 10 sentences done, and with many notes to myself along the lines of 'This is a relative clause! How do the Tarai do relative' I was hoping to attack Vocab 1.2 again (since it just got reposted) before Friday, but I think it won't happen. :)