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Re: Trans: I love you

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 18, 2001, 4:17
In a message dated 4/17/01 8:59:13 PM, yl112@CORNELL.EDU writes:

<< That's a fascinating mood.  :-)  I could see a torrid lovers' argument
going on:

A: But I love (AUTH) you, honey.
B: No, you don't (AUTH).  If you really loved me you would...

Well, that's not why it's fascinating, but it was the amusing example
that sprang to mind. >>

    It can get funnier if you consider the other nine moods I incorporate
into the verbs, translated loosely to English as:
"I am able to love you" (Abilitive)
"I want to love you" (Desireative)
"I love you!" (Imperative)
"I agree to love you" (Acceptal)
"I would love you..." (Deniative?  I forget the name I gave this one.  It's
like: "I would love you, but...")
"I must love you!" (Ducative)
"I might love you" (Possibilitive)
"I'll love you (if)..."  (Conditional)

    I can't seem to remember the other...  Anyway, I've had fun with this
language.  Just like all of them.  Fun!



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