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vennish 8

From:<Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier> <smithv637@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 22:28
its been a while since i posted i was gruonded:(
but heres what ive come up with while ive been away
its a ton of suffixs.
-ev,-v = plural,  pesev=peoples
-ef,-f/-eph,-ph = one who, awkmef=one who welds
-ezh,-zh = of/the ones who are,  dayvidezh=the ones who are allied
-eshch,-shch = more,  grawteshch=greater (grawt=great)
-eshch,-shch = area Iber*ia*,  lodeshch=area of lodi
-esh,-sh= Iber*ian*
-'r = similar to -polis or -berg , Rom'r=Rome
-etuh,-tuh = government, pepetuh=democracy
-eeuh = gender(female) eterneeuh=all women
-oo = gender(male) eterneeuh=all men
-eeo = gender(both) eterneeo=everyone men and women
-aw = gender(neuter) eternaw=everyone no specific gender
-ez,-z = one who is enslaved, pepez=enslaved person
-esit,-sit= on who is free, pepesit=free person
-en,-n=one who is a citizen, pepen=a person who is a citizen
-eth,-th= past tense, asemeth=happened
-edh,-dh = future tense, asemedh=will happen (/dh/ = the)
-orn,-rn= present tense, asemorn=happening
-ep,-p = period(spoken only) Isk ekwih vawt vilhelm ulrik zchliyr*ep*
-eeuh+tee =  goddess,  amoreetuhtee=goddess of love
-oo+tee = god, angootee=god of steel


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