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Re: CHAT: Law of ten times worse natlangs

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, March 8, 2003, 9:35
In a message dated 2003:03:06 02.49.05 AM, andjo@FREE.FR writes:

>If nothing else, "Andreas's Law of Freaks" makes for a decent acronym; >ALF. I hope I'm not the only one to remember that TV show.
::BiG GRiN:: I remember. I got a big kick outta of it. One of my college profs (Mass Communications) even wrote a paper on that show saying that ALF was an excellent parody of "sit-coms" and the TV American Family.
>It also proves the theories of a (literally) otherworldy origin of human
speech. >Seeing that "alf" is a Scandinavian version of the word "elf", it also proves that all >human myths are really garbled acccounts of visits of extraterrestrials. LOL. When I was in junior high school, I was quite often called a "space cadet" and worse... Now I realize that my all-too-human peers were just threatened by my otherworldly charm and powers of intellect (not hard to do in Houston, Texas in the late 1970's and early 1980's) ;} Hanuman Zhang WOG (Wiley Oriental Gentleman ;) Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a _Ma-Lau_ ("Monkey") a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Glorious Anti-Imperialist Chinese Boxers" => om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat <= mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod <= thee prIs ov X.iztenz iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => "Life is all a great joke, but only the brave ever get the point." - Kenneth Rexroth googolgigglabyte goegolgiechelbijt - of - met een vette megagrijns GoogolGekicherByte googolrisibyte ===> el byte de la risita de googol googolrisadinhabyte ===> o byte de risadinha de googol googolspassoctet guugoIllolbijt gugolhihibajt gugolngisibayt okukolkikikol egúgelegigalibaith kiletstroknolyadgigabaiti cimacimakekehapi baitakhakhweifayatrauni ufi'auayinisuguguluarkhar pokatra oemadroabhethetre inarevuta yhiyhayhake nawyo va'i utne tuktukt'ishushukuko`g tuk go`go`o`gwgaga