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Re: Cat phonemes

Date:Sunday, November 18, 2007, 17:32
> [] On Behalf Of Matthew Martin
> Hi, I'm putting together a catlang > ( I'd like my catlang to
> restricted to phonemes that real house cats actually use. (And
yes, I
> know real cats use them in the context of instinctive signals, not > human like language and probably can't use their phonemes to
create or
> learn new words)
As the owner of 7 of the little critters, I've thought about this idea myself. I have even seen a feline conlang on the net before (don't have a URL. it was a long time ago). I have one cat that I could almost swear understands English. When I talk to him he acts like he knows what I'm saying, including taking a leap off the roof one time after I told him I wasn't going up to get him.
> In my references I have to links that say linguists have
> 15-23 phonemes [1] [2] that cats use-- but unfortunately no tidy > lists, at least none I can find for free on the net. > > I have a lousy ear for IPA sounds, especially outside of my native > tongue, can anyone on the list suggest a list of IPA phonemes that > they have heard cats use?
I'm not sure IPA applies well to non-human sounds. Let's see: laryngeal trill (=purring) /R:/?? "meow" sounds more like [N_jao] to me. Strange two-tone sound they make when they jump up on the desk and want to greet me. hiss /h:/ I'll have to work on the others.


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