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Language Lessons

From:Damon M. Lord <lorddm@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 31, 2001, 3:24
One of the biggest problems I have found with constructed languages
is that the guides to them are hardly user friendly. To clarify what
I mean, I looked at the "chapter" titles of a few conlangs - they are
scary to the non-dedicated linguist, e.g. it was stuff like "more on
adjectives", "use of the dative", etc. This is sure to to scare off
all but the most dedicated of linguists and conlangers.

To compare, I looked at mine - mine's hardly attractive -
"Mutations", "Verbs", "Pronouns", etc. So I looked at what was
attractive, by pulling a few "Teach Yourself" language books off my
shelf - the chapter titles are much more attractive (no scary
grammatical words for the non-linguist/non-conlanger!!), laid out
with such titles as "greetings", "shopping", etc. Perhaps by putting
conlangs into situations like that into the mouths of imaginary
speakers would assist making langs more fun?

The great difficulty with creating a course is sustaining its
creation - I have seen conlangs that peeter out after lesson two or
three, with no further additions. Is there a template for writing

Just a few thoughts... Excuse the rambling, I need sleep :)

igh wær go, hwær ðy Scyp na dear tei go.
Damon M. Lord
Estydent Yæiþau


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