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New Language: Vaiysi

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 13:15
Hi, folks! How're you?

This last week has been really conlang-busy! I've decided to make up a new
Everything started watching at Rosenfelder's faboulos work, and reading his
Cadhinor and Cue^zi grammars. I thought I had to make up a language with a
Latin vacuum, but with a somehow exotic case system.

The Latin-like phonology has turned into a new flavour when I tried to found
a better way to mark long vowels (a^ became ya, e^ > ye, i^ > iy, o^ and u^
> ou ) and with the introduction of 'z' (BTW, In Italy, we call it /dzE:ta/,
which is its original Greek name). The grammar is a not-so-well-developped erg./abs.(thanks to all those who helped me to solve my doubts), but I think I'm going to let it grow. Here is a *forced* (and uncorrect, I know) translation of a part of the Babel text: Oil deiymasi aus houra iy aus lami ela giynas, ime oreiy, hoiyem piereiynio varreiyot, samois lyevere dyelo Sanyar zusau, gyarmentyesi, ime deskeiy hoiu: 'Yae, tyaroisi zoussialounai meis ime tourgoisi ryaseu.' Zoussialounai birzyesi dounam. Erte feieiysi: 'Yae, tyaroisi kurko i bevaiskizi meis, keouna svaiya silveos, ime tyaroi manzoma meis, ouve vindave iyske delou ela ginyane.' Does it sound good? Maybe bad? What does it resemble? ENCOURAGEMENTS AND CRITICISMS ARE BOTH WELCOME! Hopefully, Luca Mangiat P.S.: I've decided to randomly take roots from my older conlang notes: now I've got about 300 verbal roots and no nominal root! It'll be difficult do make them up!