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R: Re: R: cases

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 15:33
Mario wrote:

> Mangiat wrote: > > > Hi Mario, and welcome to the list! You're Italian, aren't you? Where do
> > live, Veneto? I live in Lombardy, near Como. Welcome to the list! > > > > As for your query, <snip>. Have fun, and... welcome again! > > > > Luca > > Sorry to disappoint, while I am Italian and (I believe, consulate has not > varified yet.) I am a citizen of Italy. I was born and raised in the USA.
> Italian is extremely limited, my father never liked to speak it, so I
> learn much. >
Learn it, after all is a beautiful language (and I don't say it because it's mine : )
> But, Thanks for the info and welcome.
> Mario > > a side note: my father was born in Pola.
Ahah! I heard something North-eastern! I'm 1/4 Venetian, 1/4 Friulan and 1/2 Lombard, but my surname is typically Friulan (stressed on the last syllable, obviously - /man'dZat/). Luca