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Re: Maarten's Dutch kitchen tips (was: linguistic "flavours" (was Re: Missing Words)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 18:34
En réponse à Almaran Dungeonmaster <dungeonmaster@...>:

> > Erwtensoep or "snert" in traditional Dutch is a thick solid soup made > from > peas. It is often mixed with smoked sausage or pieces of fatty bacon > and > served with buttered slices of black rye bread. Traditionally, people > sold > cups of "snert" during the winter, when children and their parents would > go > ice skating on the village's frozen ponds and canals. Nowadays, snert > or > erwtensoep is still associated with long cold winters, cozy family > gatherings and high levels of Dutchiness. >
Indeed! I should add that the taste is nice, but I wouldn't eat that everyday :))) . A little too heavy for my French stomach :) .
> > Grasshoppers aren't salty... they are quite crispy and a little sweet > actually.
Really? Then the ones who told me about it must have eaten them with a lot of salt :)) . And if you forget to pull off the wings properly, they get
> stuck > between your teeth and stay there for days. Maybe you mean it is more > like > buffalo wurms, which are less sweet, more mealy and with a little more > substance. They go very well with a heavy dose of salt. The salt causes > your > tongue to contract somewhat involuntary, creating the sensation of the > worm > crawling around in your mouth. >
I have to try that one day :)) .
> > > As you can guess, as well in languages as in cooking my tastes are > eclectic :)) . > > Well, you have Jan... >
Hehe, he didn't prepare me grasshopers yet, but we do have some exotic food sometimes. But usually it's the normal Dutch diet :)) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.