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Interesting thread on Ideolengua...

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 22, 2004, 22:02
and a possible translation exercise to boot!

If anyone has access to their archive (at yahoogroups), check out the most
recent batch of messages beginning with subject "31 años del golpe en Chile
(en 40 idiomas) from "Juan Blanco" (commemorating the anti-Allende coup of
9/11/73). As with many of our threads, this one quickly degenerated into a
squabble about "dialect" vs. "language".

Anyhow, 4 of the 40 sentences:

Spanish - mucho más temprano que tarde, se abrirán las grandes alamedas por
donde pase el hombre libre, para construir una sociedad mejor.

Basque - berandu baino lehen, hiribide handiak zabalduko dira, gizaki askeak
hiribide horiek zeharkatuz gizarte berria sortu dezaten.

Dutch - eerder vroeger dan later zullen er zich grote wegen openen die de
vrije mens zal bewandelen om een betere samenleving op te bouwen.

English - sooner rather than later the grand avenues will open and free
people will pass to build a better society.

And to start off: Kash (oratorical style)

cumicu lurundi fandat, engo' rakaç içupahato,
soon  instead late, avenue great-pl 3pl-INCH-open-FUT,

re kaç cehokala iharando ri livengini,
REL person freedom-ADJ-PL 3pl-walk-FUT LOC along-it/them,

va' rumale añandaya laléñ
in-order create society better.

Instead of añandaya, one could use hinda 'world'
(elisions due to following /r/: engo' for engol, va' for vara)