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Saalangal affixes (it's been a while)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, June 20, 2002, 11:12
Hi all. I decided that this summer i'll work more on Saalangal. I'm
currently working on the grammar, and i'm at nouns right now. I have a few
productive affixes to share:

Affixes are used in Saalangal to augment noun roots to create new nouns.
The following list is affixes commonly used. the x indicates the position
of the root. Accents indicate stress. With two syllable roots, it´s the
first syllable, and on these it is not indicated (and the stress remains
on the same syllable in the root in affixed words):

Instrumental: x-san

- tagad (to pound, hit) + san = tagadsan - hammer

Season, time of: du-x-an

- du + iwári (harvest) + an = duiwárian - harvest season

When something happens: u-x-ang (thought to be a variant of du-x-an)

- u + saráw (sleep) + ang = usaráwang - bedtime

Occupational: x-ng-x (initial vowel: after, initial consonant: after the
first syllable)

- dehán (rule): de + ngad + han = dengadhán = ruler
- ason (farm): a + ngad + son = angadson =  farmer

Place: x-ray

- dehán + ray = dehánray - palace

Reciprocal: x-kud

- ligás (talk) + kud = ligáskud - discussion

Study of : ara-x

- ara + cajis (plant) = aracajis - botany

Collective: kata-x-on

- kata + hinláng (tree) + on = katahinlángon - wood, forest

Having the essence of: -agpain

- maru (brother) + agpain = maruagpain - brotherhood

One who does something: can-x

- can + ligás = canligás - talker

Origin: pali-x

- pali + katahinlángon = palikatahinlángon - forest dweller, barbarian,
from the forest (used to show just how long words can get)

by the way: c = /tS/, j = /dZ/

Communication is not just words, communication is...architecture
because of course it is quite obvious that  the house that would be built
without that desire, that desire to communicate, would not look as your
house does today.


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