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Re: How Much for Conversation?

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 3, 2002, 6:28

I really appreciate everybody's replies to this question.  (I always
appreciate the replies, but I thought I'd remember to say so this time.

I asked about target vocabulary numbers because I have resolved to do a
better job developing vocabulary for my conlangs.  Now I know to shoot for a
roughly 2000 contentive minimum.  I have developed a story about an alien
child that contains a lot of American preschool vocabulary.  I've translated
it into Goesk to make sure that Goesk has words for everyday items like
"coat" and "cup" etc.  I don't use this story alone for vocabulary;  I
usually write another story so I can get the adult ~ abstract words in too.
Come to think of it, I should write dialogues for all the subsequent
conlangs, since this would up the variety of registers, tenses, discourse
markers, and the like.

I never got around to telling the Tower of Babel story.  Appropriate as it
is to our work, I don't know Mosaic Hebrew, and can't get my mind around
translating a translation.  But I did take the time to paraphrase the
translation, and have the paraphrase lying around somewhere.

Also, my better half wants me to learn one of my languages!  I've never done
that!   I figure I'll pick up at least reading knowledge, so that I can
journal a little in one of my conlangs.
Consequently, although I didn't ask for the advice on learning vocabulary,
this advice is nonetheless very useful, so thanks again.