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Re: Languages in Gibson's Passion

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Monday, March 8, 2004, 7:50
John L. Leland wrote:

>I saw this film yesterday and was struck by several things that seemed to me >linguistic incongruities: >1) the Latin was given the "church"pronunciation instead of the reconstructed >"classical" pronunciation >2) Pilate addressed the Jewish crowd in fluent Aramaic (which I doubt very >much he bothered to learn) >3) Jesus conversed with Pilate in fluent (church) Latin, which I doubt very >much a Galilean (whose native territory was not under direct Roman rule) would >have much opportunity to learn (I suppose theologically one could argue the >Logos knows everything, but my personal theology would suggest the incarnate >Christ did not know Latin.) >4) Nobody at all used Greek, though in some cases (e.g. negotiations between >Pilate and the Sadducee elite) it would seem a much more likely common >language than either Latin or Aramaic. Even the famous trilingual inscription above >the cross appeared to be >bilingual, with no Greek. >John Leland > > > >
The only point I take issue with is No. 2. It's always good for public relations if a leader makes an effort to learn language X.


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