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Re: Website redefinition

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Sunday, August 22, 1999, 20:58
Well, I finnaly added some provitional graphics to the buttons and uploaded
some conlang related stuff:
  Added something on Chleweyish, mainly a small lexicon I must update, and a
description on the phonology and orthography (both Roman and Thompinian).
  Added a description of the EISH5 code.
  Pretended to make a list of links.

The direct link to conlang related stuff is

I'm open to coments on the languages, the scripts and the webification.

-- Carlos Th
CEE l@ c?:R:S:H RXC-/Ag-- a+ A E L- N3 Ic i@ p- m- n26:1d o- y0 d+ b* P+
fonno chleweye: TP PhT-;22(>4d);11 S? Mi- C- t1;3 c1 Sysv TC? L3h
hangkerimce: TF PhT++;12(?);4(?) Scvn Ma C+ t2;4 c2 Sy? TC? L5d