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Re: Men vs Women on Conlang

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, December 19, 2002, 3:58
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> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Steg Belsky" <draqonfayir@...> > > > On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:14:51 -0500 Sally Caves <scaves@...> > > writes: > > > She was a warrior feline. Appropriated by humans, her name means > > > "Red > > > River," and can refer to the carnage she leaves behind or her own > > > fatal > > > menstruation. > > > > "or her own fatal menstruation"? I'm not sure i want to ask. But i > > do... > > > > > > -Stephen (Steg) > > Awwww, maaaan, this list full of mostly men! :) :) :)
Okay, Steg, that was not a great answer. Here's a better one. She's now a RIVER, Steg... Andreas convinced me. Pelnarn Pamnerik refers to a huge river in Menarila (or is it Rordaly?) full of brick-red mud (pam + nerik) and rapids, that floods its banks regularly, sweeps debris down to villages, falls in torrents, and takes its name from the muddy river goddess who was considered a warrior. The river is both her carnage and, more devilishly, her menses, looked upon by the T. as a sign of death: the demise of an ovum, the failure of a conception, the sweeping away of the mother's life-giving blood. Like Artemis, I suppose, this warrior goddess never mated. She sowed violence, shattered marriages by taking the young men. She is the headstrong sister of the Goddess of War and Strategy--a more reasonable deity who is nonetheless just as barren, her womb full of warriors conceived by herself alone. The River Pamnerik has a tendency to flood under the full moon, at least that's how the legend must go. The River wants your life. It is treacherous to cross. Bridges have been built over it but a blessing must be said when you cross them. Sometimes the ghostly figure of a woman on a red horse, leading a pack of red wolves, blocks your way. There are some charms you can say against the vehswon or demons. :-) Sally Caves Eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehra celyil takrem bomai nakuo. "My shadow follows me, putting strange, new roses into the world."