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Re: Lunch nicknames.

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 1999, 23:09
On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Padraic Brown wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Brian Betty wrote: > > > Andrew: "I have sammies for lunch, with bickies, or cookies (less common), > > or cake. Sarnies I don't think I have heard in NZEng." > > > > I gotcha all beat. For lunch, I likes sangdwiches. Sang - dwich. And my > > sister loves to eat "hadugs m-Beams." When I was little, I couldn't say the > > former properly, and my sister the latter (hot dogs and [baked] beans), and > > new words were born. Now I even have other people saying my freakwords ... > > I never had problems with hadugs m-beans, the reason being, I can't abide > baked beans. But I did eat sammidges (and still do, of course).
And until I purged myself of a foreign accent in my English speech, I ate sendvichez /sEndvitSEz/ =) -------ferke Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Es to pilni'gi noliedzu! Personal page: Tu-134 page: railways page: conlang page: Uralica: Zaradi politicnega delovanja je oblast v letu 1982 razpustila: Svobodo (Laibach)