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żQ?: if certain animals could speak...

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Monday, December 23, 2002, 5:56
Zesefde J Y S Czhang  <czhang23@...> ta 2002.12.22. her 03:08:07 -5h:

> For a possible sci-fi short story I will be writing * , I was wondering > what possible sounds (phonemes) these following "genetically mutated" > animal-humanoids would be capable of - considering their respective mouth > shapes (somewhat betwixt human and animal): > > pygmy chimpanzee-humanoids [_Homo luden Pan paniscus_] > .... their name for themselves (both _hommage_ and boastful play on words): > "Good-alls" (disparagingly called "bonzos")
Fast speech and thinking. Loud interjections. A lot of words for social structure and family :) A lot of stops.
> cat-humanoids [_Homo luden Cattus (talkative Siamese, of course ;)_] > .... name given to them that they liked: "Bella-Pella" {beauty-fur}
Feel free to use my cat lang :) Okay, just kidding :))) A lot of nasals and strong palatalising and labialising. Glottal trill (or whatever the purring sound is.) (As I did for my cat language Long Wer). Liquids to an end :) Various tones and a lot of vowels. Myâni!
> wolf-dog-humanoids [Homo luden Lupus-Canus_ (timber wolf-German Shephard > mix)] ... self-proclaimed "Uldhedhnari" or "Harii" (disparagingly called > "werewolves" and "fidos")
Aspiration and fricatives and also clicks, snorts and odd sounds for being thir mouth much longer that ours.
> * the story involves a multi-generational spaceship in 2369 CE... In > order to save certain animal DNA without taking up ultra-valuable space on > the ship (and also to utilize/exploit some excellent animal physiological, > mental and emotional character traits), mutant "homizoid crew members" are > lab-created by "piggy-backing" and "splicing" animal DNA onto human DNA.
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