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Re: Vowels and vowelharmony in Akan

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Monday, January 25, 1999, 13:09
taliesin wrote:
>Vowel harmony, advanced tongue root (the Fante dialect has >rounding harmony in some verb-affixes as well) > >SET I: i e a. o u (ATR+) >SET II: e. 3 a c o. (ATR-) > >Generally, in a word of more than one syllable, only vowels of one >set may occur.
So the Fante dialect has a three way vowel harmony of ATR+, ATR-, and rounding? How does this work? I have this suspicion that minor vowels in Boreanesian has a three way vowel harmony, but I'm not sure - perhaps because I don't understand how such a system works. Regards, -Kristian- 8-)