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Weekly Vocab 16 (Satritain)

From:lblissett <blissett@...>
Date:Thursday, July 31, 2003, 20:12
> 1. to stand
> I am standing in the [place where ruling body meets; palace entry].
hochike ipagkleeku [stand-I (descriptive string)-(place-for-administrative-deliberation)-in]
> 2. only
Two senses: ehwek (exclusively, singularly) waheech (merely)
> I feel like I'm only an ant, staring up at the murals in awe.
veiheike jan quke iwaheechmm tlud iguichhonge kojohijnye In Satritain, feelings are always verbs. So: [feel-awe-I like (hypothetical-to-be)-I (descriptive string)-merely-the insect (desc. string)-staring-wall-up-at)] or I awe as if I were an insect staring up at a wall.
> 3. banana
> I've got a hankering for a banana right now.
kochikemm banana hah. [want-I-the banana now]
> 4. excitement
> That first bite sends jolts of excitement through my bones.
qadakke idunheku ade dimmu ian sh da. [excite-I (desc. string)-bones-in because-of piece (ds)-first of that]
> 5. blue
> Blue four-sided triangles dance through my head.
heithe ikankkechwimm dreetwame ikolk jeeshewit afer [dance (ds)-head-I-through-the traingles (ds)-blue sides-with (ds)-four]
> 6. juice
> That juice must have been past its prime.
tgahmm smadla iom anche. [(past)-is-the juice (ds)-rotten) probably]
> 7. better
saa vu
> No matter; it's better this way.
nnthecha, gahda asaa vu jan de. [(expression of indifference), is-it (ds)-good more like that]
> 8. distant
> My hands are distant; the sky is close.
gahmm chandereke iheja wamm avu awern [is-the hands-I (ds)-far and-the sky (ds)-near]
> 9. unconscious
Two senses: hkopwi (lit.: "a little bit dead", knocked unconscious, knocked out) or lum (sleeping)
> I shall soon be unconscious.
kgahke ilum la [(future)-is-I (ds)-sleep (presently)]
> 10. rough
> I fall to the floor, my face scraping on the rough carpet.
gwenke ivatatku, gnegwechmm sasselke iqlutvatat bornpashahij [fall-I (ds)-floor-to, scraping-the face-I (ds)floor-covering rough-on]