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From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, April 17, 2004, 19:26
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>DIAGRAM: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS > >DIAGRAM is an electronic magazine of text, art, >schematic, and (as of recently) sound. Aside from our >online presence (which receives well over 30,000 hits >a month), we publish a periodic print anthology >(available through Amazon, our website, and fine >bookstores) as well as a chapbook series. > >Throughout its monthly 2004 issues, DIAGRAM will >publish audio art exploring the intersection of text, >language, sound. This is a call for >artists/musicians/writers working in sound to submit >audio pieces for consideration. > >Please take the time to peruse the journal prior to >submission. Submissions may include field recordings, >abstraction, spoken word, electronic or acoustic >music, [insert any other shorthand description of >sound exploration you please], or any combination >thereof, so long as it addresses in some way, our >interests: In oddness. In representations. In naming. >In indicating. In the way that meaning happens within >rule-governed systems. In schematics. In the labeling >and taxonomy of things. In the phenomenal distance >between sound and source. In sound work that engages >in dialog; takes language or poetry or narrative as >its subject, object, or referent, master or servant; >addresses the language at the morpheme, phoneme, >handsign, lips and tongue-level. WE VALUE the insides >of things, vivisection, urgency, risk, elegance, >flamboyance, work that moves us, language that does >something new, or does something old--well. We like >iteration and reiteration. Ruins and ghosts. >Mechanical, moving parts, balloons, and frenzy. > >WE WANT sound pieces that engage the mechanics of >meaning/poetry; the processes / of things, both inner >and outer; of sound-image, confused, manipulated and >otherwise; pieces that demonstrate rather then >explain; point and uncover rather than demolish; how >things become. How they expire. How they move or >churn, or stand. Send us sound analogous to >annotations, schematics, poems, sentence diagrams, >definitions. Translate into/from sound. > >PARAMETERS > >Please adhere to the following instructions when >submitting work for consideration. Also, while our >aesthetic and conceptual interests are broad, >submitted work must seek to engage or address >text/language in some way. > >Submissions must be received by May 31, 2004. Please >limit pieces to >3-4 minutes in length. Audio vignettes and cameos. > >We prefer electronic submissions (mp3) but will accept >data files on >CD-Rs, too (.wav, .aif, or high resolution stereo >mp3s). > >Send zipped high resolution stereo mp3 files to > > >All submissions should be accompanied by a brief >artist's bio and a 'statement of intent' addressing >the sound work. > >CD-R SUBMISSIONS: > >DIAGRAM >Sound Art Submissions >c/o Shannon Fields >497 Sixth Avenue, 2R >Brooklyn, NY 11215 >
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