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Jaĩbi update and request for comments

From:Christopher Bates <chrisdb@...>
Date:Thursday, August 28, 2008, 8:04
Hi all,
         It's been a while since I posted the first part of my Jaĩbi
grammar here, so I thought I would give an update (and ask for
comments). As usual, I have included at the end of each chapter details
of natural language examples of similar phenomena, both to justify to
myself that Jaĩbi is broadly realistic and for general interest. The
full grammar now runs to over 70 pages and includes draft chapters on:

1. Phonology -
2. Constituent Order -
3. Nouns and Nominal Morphology -
4. Personal Pronouns -
5. The Structure of the Noun Phrase -
6. Verbs and Verbal Morphology -

The full grammar (so far) containing all of the above can be found here:

Any comments would be appreciated, about either the way information is
presented or about the language itself.

Next on the list:
- tidying up what I have and standardising some formatting and
terminology in glosses of examples
- a chapter on the basic structure of the VP