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Re: sumerian

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Friday, May 31, 2002, 0:24
The recent talk of cuneiform writing systems has reawakened my
longstanding (if extremely amateur) interest in Sumerian civilisation
and, now, language.

2 questions:

1:  Has anyone ever made a conlang based on Sumerian?  It would appear
    to offer many of the same attractions as Proto-Indo-European -
    extremely ancient, relatively little known about it (and that
    largely the result of academic reconstruction (though through very
    different methods)) so there's scope for creativity in recreating
    the language itself.  Plus there were no descendents of Sumerian,
    so it might be fun to create one.  I might do this myself one day
    (but not until LC-01's complete enough to write the grammar for
    the Sumerian conlang in).

2:  Does anyone know of any online source explaining the basics of
    Sumerian grammar?  I've found a couple of lexicons and the names
    of textbooks (which I might look at eventually, but it'll take
    time) and little else.