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Re: They Have a Word for It!

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Friday, August 3, 2001, 14:31
I'm sure some of you are familiar with
Suzette Haden Elgin's LAadan.  She
has a wordlist as well for interesting,
and complicated ideas.  This is taken
from her "sampler," where she gives
examples of the "ra-" verbs (to NOT
do/be something).  Some of my faves are:

doo'ledosh:  "pain or loss which comes
as a relief by virtue of ending the
anticipation of its coming."

doroledim, "to over-eat, because that is
the only thing that gives one pleasure."

radamalh, "to non-touch, to actively
refrain from touching, with evil intent."
(In other words, I think, it means to
withhold physical affection, perhaps
even withholding help needed).

ralorolo, "non-thunder, much talk and
commotion from one (or more) with no
real knowledge of what they're talking
about or trying to do."  This reminds
me of Matt Pearson's Tokana word:
"empty thunder."

ranem:  "non-pearl, an ugly thing one builds
layer by layer as an oyster does a pearl,
such as festering hatred"

wohosheni, "to feel joined to, part of someone
or something without reservations or barriers.

 I love the idea of "hakamaroo" that Yoon Ha
Lee lists below.  I need to make up far more
Teonaht words that have specialized meanings,
but this one is a must have!

Sally Caves

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> On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, John Cowan wrote: > > > Yoon Ha Lee scripsit: > > > > > hakamaroo: outrageously aggressive borrowing behavior (Pascuense,
> > > Island) > > > > Better: "borrowing things without the intention of returning them, as a > > malicious act." > > > > This is my #1 favorite word from this book. > > I'll remember your definition; it fits the description of the behavior > better. :-) > > I'm going to have to contrive some way to use it in email to my > anthropology major who's at Easter Island on a grant from Cornell to > study the culture there. :-) Neat stuff. > > YHL >