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A funny comparison with Finnish and Eruanno's language

From:Tero Vilkesalo <teronpostilaatikko@...>
Date:Monday, January 8, 2001, 22:55
Hi Eruanno and others!

This language really looks a lot like Finnish! In many places it looks much
more like Finnish as the results of LangMaker program with Finnish template,
for instance. One exception is, of course, that Eruanno doesn't use our
three vocals y, ä and ö.

I just thought you would be interested in seeing how many of these words
mean something in Finnish. The percentage is very high!

>From: Eruanno none <eruanno@...> > >Here goes: > >the noun root being used: MIK > S. Pl. >===================================================== >Cases: >Nom.: Mikke Mikker
Mikke could be used to shorten Mikael, a male first name.
>Acc.: Mikko Mikkor
Mikko is a male first name.
>Gen.: Mikkentia Mikkentiar >Pos.: Mikkelle Mikkeller >Loc.: Mikkanin Mikkaninar >Dat.: Mikkalto Mikkaltor >Abl.: Mikklavi Mikklavir >All.: Mikkendil Mikkendillar >Ins.: Mikkeldu Mikkelduar > > >the verb root being used: TUL > S. Pl. >===================================================== >Tense: >Pres.: Tulta Tultar
Army commanders might shout "Fire!" which is "Tulta!" in Finnish. It is the partitive form of 'tuli'.
>Sub.: Elletulta Elletultar >Imp.: Min Tulta Minna Tultar >SI. : Min Elletulta Minna Elletultar >Aori.: Tuultaa Tuultaar >Sub.: Elletuultaa Elletuultaar >Imp.: Min Tuultaa Minna Tuultaar >SI. : Min Elletuultaa Minna Elletuultaar >Past : Untulta Untultar >Sub.: Elluntulta Elluntultar
Ellun tulta would be Ellu's fire+PARTITIVE. Ellu is a female casual name, a form of Elina.
>Imp.: Min Untulta Minna Untultar >SI. : Min Elluntulta Minna Elluntultar >Futr.: Entulta Entultar >Sub.: Ellentulta Ellentultar >Imp.: Min Entulta Minna Entultar >SI. : Min Ellentulta Minna Ellentultar >P.P. : Untultaa Untultaar >Sub.: Elluntultaa Elluntultaar >Imp.: Min Untultaa Minna Untultaar >SI. : Min Elluntultaa Minna Elluntultaar >F.P. : Entultaa Entultaar >Sub.: Ellentultaa Ellentultaar >Imp.: Min Entultaa Minna Entultaar >SI. : Min Ellentultaa Minna Ellentultaar > >Intransitive Verb: Aaltulta <- Probably will >be >changed > > >the adjective root being used: HEST > S. Pl. >===================================================== >Adj.: Vantulta > > >the roots being used for the comparison: VET & MIK >===================================================== >Basic comparison structure: >_an_ A _key_ je-B > >A = Vette >B = Mikke > >For more than{ > an Vette anka Jemikke >LIT: A is more than B >Trans: A is better than/more than/greater than... >NOTE: Add adjective in front of the key to show such things as Swifter >Then >} > >for less than{ > an Vette alla Jemiike >LIT: A is less than B >Trans: A is worse than/less than... >NOTE: Add adjective... >} > > >superlated roots: HEST >===================================================== >for most{ > altaheste > possibly shortened to alteste ( not likely tho, for there may >be a word "este" or such )
... which is something that prohibits you from going forward.
>} > >for least{ > andaheste > " andeste >} > > >The Negator... against root: HEST > Nelleheste > > >The Softener... used in the example _Mikkendil_ ( All. noun case ). >The original Mikke, added with the softener -en-, and the -e on Mikke >displacing the -e- on the softener, then adding the Allative ending, you >get >Mikkendil. > >>>>>>>>>> > >I don't think I will have any diclensions beyond the first ( if you even >want to call it a declension ). >I may create a second for odd roots or for natural intransitive verbs ( if >it is actually necessary, I really don't know if it is, the idea just came >to me ). > >So here, to conclude, is the list of all the words I made on my trip up to >Virginia, with the possible root next to it ( very distinguishable, but, >here is the format: Word : ROOT ). > >Tulta: TUL >Mikke: MIK >Hesta: HEST >Elquens: ELQUE or ELQ or ELQU >Eru: ERU >Ambar: AMBA or AMB >Mettar: METR or METT or MET >Orrin: ORRI or ORR >Huuva: HUV or HUUV >Anna: ANN
Anna is one of the most popular female first names. (As everywhere...)
>Tekko: TEKK >Sami: SAM or SAMI
Sami is a male first name.
>Pyo: PYO >Turil: TUR or TURI >Khaar: KHAR or KAAR or KAR or KHAAR >Essen: ESSE or ESS >Tarja: TARJ
Tarja - a female first name. The President of Finland is Tarja Halonen.
>Parma: PARM or PAM >Vardar: VARD or VARDA or VAD >Tullumar: TULL or TULUM or TULU or TULM >Quet: QUET >Lumba: LUMB or LUMBA or LUMA or LUM >Marda: MARD or MARA or MAR >Kiryamo: KIRYA or KIRYA or KIRY or KIR >Carna: CARN or CAN >Varna: VARN or VAN >Alassa: ALAS or ALASSA or ALS
Alas means down, as in the phrase 'You should go down'. Being already down has another word.
>Numalta: NUMA or NUMAL or NUMALT or NUMAT >Inta: INT >Auta: AUT
Help! Auta is the imperative form of the verb auttaa, to help.
>Mikta: MIKT >Silla: SIL or SILL >Khorda: KOR or KORD or KHORD or KHOR >Masenna: MASEN or MASE
Make (me) depressed! Masenna is the imperative form of the verb masentaa, to create somebody a feeling of depression.
>Olossa: OLOS or OLSO
Olossa = in my feeling.
>Menalta: MENALT or MENAT >Akhalla: AKAL or AKHAL >Rooma: ROOM or ROM
Rooma is used for Rome in Finland.
>Nuuma: NUUM or NUM >Tarmana: TARM >Gonda: GOND >Atala: ATAL >Gimila: GIMI or GIMILI >Dagga: DAG or DAGG >Nana: NAN >Edhella: EDEL or EDHEL >Adanna: ADAN >Mindorna: MINDO or MIND >Gwanur: GWANU or GWAN or GAN or GANU >Altyellie: ALTYEL >Harya: HARY or HARYA
I guess this is pronounced like 'harja' in Finnish, which is a brush.
>Nogol: NOG or NOGOL >Benna: BENN or BEN >Henna: HENN or HEN >Kenna: KENN or KEN Notice a pattern? >Menna: MENN or MEN >Henna: HENN or HEN >Nenna: NENN or NEN >Genna: GENN or GEN >Garamasta: GARAM or GARMAST or GARAMAST >Lichonda: LICHON or LICH >Mija: MIJ >Fiira: FIIR >Imba: IMB >Enka: ENK >Janna: JANN or JAN >Hotha: HOTH or HOTT >Finna: FINN or FIN >Esjar: ESJA >Dolda: DOLD >Salcha: SALCH or SACH >Lhuunda: LHUUND or LUUND or LHUND or LUND >Tinka: TINK or TINIK >Leba: LEB >Nallesta: NALLEST or NALLES or NALLET
Nallesta = from a teddy bear. Nallet would be teddy bears. Many other words would have meant something if one letter had been changed. I hope this wasn't boring. :) Tero _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at