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Re: Ander-Saxon and New Old English (was: RE: [CONLANG] Worldken bard

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Saturday, August 4, 2001, 0:34
> Has anyone tried to develop an alternate Modern English that > descends from OE of c. 1000 CE without the influence of > French and its subsequent repercussions? I'm particularly interested > in modern reflexes of OE words that Here were lost (e.g. _wye_ > 'warrior' < _wigan_). I don't have the necessary philological > knowledge to essay such an exercise myself. (I've asked this question > before, some years back, to no great avail, but I ask it again > because the pool of competences on this list is ever crescent.) > - AND. > > I have indeed created such a monster. But I used my own sound change > rules, and came up with something much like German, rather than an > English sans-French.
I suppose that's reasonable, since English phonology was affected by French. OTOH, my own interest is simply in restitution of abandonded words to the language, as with _smial_, _dwarrowdelf_, etc. In that case, I have used "heathress" in a poem I've written. It means "battle-storm" or something to that effect. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what the Old English words were that I made this from. In other news, I have at one time compiled a large list of dialectal and Early Modern English words that I thought were particularly interesting. A few of which were: dwale "night-shade, poison" dergan "dwarf" dwine "to fade" dwalm "a dizzy-spell" Again, unfortunately I'm not quite sure where these come from. Elliott