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Psych Tests and TOTAL hooey (Was: Anything Else to Declare)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, March 12, 2005, 23:40
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From: "Stephen Mulraney" <ataltanie@...>

> taliesin the storyteller wrote: > >> According to the test above: INTP, 89, 38, 38, 11 >> >> The problems with such tests can be summed up with question 3 at the >> above url. "You feel at ease in a crowd, yes/no". Where's the "it >> depends"-option? How do they define crowd? Large group? Small group? In >> a big area? In a small area? People you know? Mostly unknown people? >> Crowd existing for a purpose (like a march) or crowd that just happen >> (waiting for the bus)? "you" being in a bad mood? "you" being happy? > > Typical NT complaint! > > s. (INTP)
:) Feelings of high distractability today. I've taken this test multiple times, and always come up as ENFJ (although with varying numbers): The Teacher. Up there with Mikhail Gorbachev. But I'm totally with Taliesin here. This test in particular, posing everything as a yes/no, is especially annoying, since it makes judgments based on an excluded middle, so to speak. There's no "fuzzy logic" that would better get at the fuzziness of human personality. Even the enneagram is annoying, although it gives you five instead of two choices, and I gave up on it. "You are sometimes mean to people." Very untrue, somewhat untrue, neutral, somewhat true, very true. Well, under what circumstances? Intentionally? Unintentionally? If you put neutral, does that mean that you are fifty percent sure that you are sometimes mean to people? Define "sometimes." Define "mean." Define "fifty percent." I think it is FAR MORE FUN to take the Meyers Briggs test as a fictional person, preferably one you see a lot of on TV. Such as Seven of Nine or Data from Star Trek. Or Andy of Mayberry. Or Seinfeld. Or Gregory House, M.D. Or a conworld character. Anybody try doing that? :) The trick is to imagine yourself as *them* answering the questions. Voyager's Borg-to-human convert Seven of Nine: INTJ, 22, 19, 56, 83 "Portrait of the Mastermind." She skipped a lot as irrelevant and/or redundant. Extremely judging. Didn't understand the "center of the room" question. What difference does that make? Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry: ISFJ 6, 1, 25, 11 "Portait of the Protector Guardian." Patiently answered all of them. Predominantly feeling. Doesn't believe that following the rules consistently leads to the best results, unlike Barney Fife. The new medical drama character Gregory House, M.D. INTP 33, 31, 56, 22 "Portrait of the Architect Rational." Answered some facetiously, skipped others as too ambiguous and moronic; leaning towards "thinking." Issytra, my very old, grandmotherly Teonaht translator: Ooh! Another ISFJ: 22, 19, 12, 56. Answered all of them patiently, merrily, and with a firm sense that controlling one's emotions while being merciful is paramount. Moderately judging. The android Data on ST:TNG: ESTJ 56 1 62 89 "Portrait of the Supervisor." (pretty good, huh?) Took the test patiently, answered every question, chose NO for any that called for an emotional reaction. Was not wearing his "emotion chip." Does not enjoy solitary walks because he does not "enjoy" anything. Meanwhile, he's more extroverted than I am! :) Sally Probable margin of error: fifty percent


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