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Odp: Re: Thought and Language

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Monday, December 21, 1998, 14:01
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Od: P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Do: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...>
Data: 18 grudnia 1998 02:02
Temat: Re: Thought and Language

>PMVA to CLL >Greetings > >Nik Taylor wrote: > >> Tom Wier wrote: >> > PS does anyone _not_ make a you/y'all distinction in their conlangs? >> > Just curious. >> >> One conlang I started, and then abandoned, made no distinctions by >> number, thus "you" and "y'all" were one word. And Esperanto uses "vi" >> for both, as well, even tho it *does* distinguish by number in 1st and >> 3rd person, and in nouns! > >In Uros< _z<em_ means 'thee, you, he, she, they'. >
nie jestem pewien czy to jest najlepszy pomys=B3 - ja pr=EAdzej by=B3bym = sk=B3onny do zr=F3wnania 'ja' i 'on', gdy=BF 'ty' jest do pewnego stopnia specjaln=B1= osob=B1 w wypowiedzi, bo jej adresatem a i pierwotna druga osoba brzmia=B3a chyba 'thou' a 'thee' by=B3o zaimkie= m biernika i celownika -- (