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Re: De-lurking

From:Matt Trinsic <trinsic@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 20:03
Hello all,
I has been some time since I have last posted to the group. A few years
if I recall correctly. I've still been fiddling around with new
languages, it has just taken me a while to get one to a point where I am
somewhat satisfied with it. For those who are interested, I have
included the phonology for the language, named kythashy [kiT&Si], below.

The consonant phones are: [p], [b], [t], [d], [k], [g], [m], [n], [N],
[v], [T], [D], [s], [z], [S], [Z], [h], [r\], [l], [w], [j]
All of the phones are also phonemes, with the exception of [N], which is
an allophone of [n].

The vowel phones are: [i], [e], [I], [E], [&], [A], [V], [M]

Sylable structure is (C)V(n,z,v,th,sh)

The [i], [I], [&], and [V] vowels cannot be in the same word as the [e],
[E], [A], and [M] vowels.

If the initial consonant is a plosive or a frictive, it must match the
voicing of the coda of the sylable before it. /n/ is always pronouned
[n], unless it is the coda for an [i] or [e], in which case it is
pronounced [N].

~Matt Trinsic