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The 2008 Smiley Award Winner: Ithkuil

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Monday, July 14, 2008, 10:18
The winner of the 2008 Smiley Award is Ithkuil.


John Quijada's been working on Ithkuil for over twenty-five
years, and the result is one of the most complete and finely
constructed philosophical languages ever created.  John's
work has been an inspiration to me, and to many, and his
website is just about the paragon of design and presentation
when it comes to conlangs on the internet.  It's for these
reasons, and many more, than I'm proud to award the 2008
Smiley Award to Ithkuil.  Congratulations, John!

You can read my full write-up of Ithkuil here:


[Note: The presentation of the Smiley was delayed this year
because I was on my honeymoon when July 1st rolled
around.  But, hey, at least I got it done in July!]

For more information about the Smiley, go to the main page:


Just as a reminder: I'm more than happy to accept nominations
for the Smiley Award.  I have a pretty good idea which languages
will be near the top of my list for the next...ten or fifteen years,
but I can't see *everything*; there are tons of languages I'm sure
I've never even heard about.  If you have any recommendations
for languages you'd like to see win the Smiley Award, send me
an e-mail (off-list, of course), and I'll add it to my list.  :)

"A male love inevivi i'ala'i oku i ue pokulu'ume o heki a."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison


Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>